Side note: I just got my first Apple Watch, and I'm loving it. If you have one, what's your favorite app on it?


Sometimes photos (or at least my photographic capabilities) don't do the surroundings justice.

The below is from northern California hiking in the redwoods. You know these things are massive, but it's hard to capture the experience of physically being up close to one.

Even putting people next to the tree doesn't do it.

Sure I could throw this thing in Lightroom and make it good enough to print on canvas and hang up, but that's not really the point.

For me, the majority of photos on my phone are more and more just augmented memory triggers than they are anything else. It's fun to look back through photos and relive experiences you wouldn't normally come back to.



"Now optionality obviously is good because that's, you know, for opportunity and so forth. But like one of the smartest things that my father told me when I was a kid about decision making, it may have even been the thing that made me really start focusing on studying decision making was, you know, essentially said, look, one of the difficult things about making decisions, it reduces opportunity in the short term, but that's the only thing that really creates great opportunity in the long term."

I like this take on decision making as an opportunity creation vehicle. I'm big on optionality, but keeping too many options open is not the way to create the best opportunities in the future.


Have you ever thought about the difference between Eating and Dining?

"There are so many places in New York where you can eat, but there are very few where you can actually dine."

I saw that line in an article and it got me thinking about it.

You can eat and not be dining, but you can't be dining and not eat.

Example: We went and had pho last night. We ate. But we definitely did not dine.

For it to be dining, does it need to be presented with "this is a ___, roasted in ___, and it is served with a ___ on the side, harvested from ____"?

I don't exactly know what the threshold is, but I'm going to be on the lookout for more dining experiences.

As usual, if you have any takes of your own on the above, just hit reply.

See ya next month!