This year seems to be going by faster and faster!


I recently found myself buying one of these in the ‘Home Depot’ of Portugal and had to laugh a bit.

My father bought me one of these collapsable dollies in my early 20s as an Xmas gift, and I remember thinking “What a dumb gift. When the hell am I ever going to use this?”. Well I used it a ton over the years. And I just found myself buying my own.


I love this bit on ideas and creativity.

I tagged this under #parenting as well. Good advice for kids and adults alike not to stop your idea generator.


I know Kung Fu. (I wish)

As I just restarted my effort to begin learning Portuguese, I found myself daydreaming what it would be like to be able to plug-in and download skills like Neo does in The Matrix.

A few ways to frame this thought experiment…

First, you could say, I’d pay $X to instantly know Y.

Or, you could say, if given 3 skill downloads, I’d pick X, Y, and Z. Sort of like genie wishes in this case, but a bit more narrow.

I’d probably pay $25+K to instantly be fluent in Portuguese right now.

Or on the genie approach, I might download Portuguese, full stack software development, and golf mastery 🤣.

What would yours be?

And who knows… In 50 years this might actually be possible.

See ya next month!