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Ok this one is a little niche, but hear me out...

Why don't more golfers play with personalized balls?

"Are you playing Titleist 3?" "Is that your ball or mine?"

I've been trying to figure this out for over a month now, and haven't arrived at any sound conclusion.  

There are tons of companies that do it, but the only reason people have given that they've ever used them is for a bachelor party or getting a company logo added.

Some people do mark their balls with a stencil that puts a guideline on them.  But nothing that's fun...  

Is it the lead time that most companies take to print/ship?  Is it cost?  Or is it just that people don't care and are fine to bend down and inspect balls all the time.  I don't know, yet...

Do you play with personalized balls?  Would love any insight you have.


Going from Creators to Narrators

If you don't listen, the gist is that we're moving from being creators to becoming narrators.

This resonated with me because I've been playing a bit with DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, two of the new AI art generation tools.  The images that can be created are pretty mind blowing, but you have to have "prompting" skills to manipulate the AI.

Prompting, or narrating, will be a skill we'll be hearing more and more about.


I thought this was a really simple, but cool way of plating. 

A stencil and some cocoa powder go a long way.

As always, would love any commentary or thoughts you have. 

See ya next month!