We're apartment hunting in Lisbon, Portugal.  If you know anyone who lives here and want to connect me, I'd appreciate it!  


I'm big on voice notes right now, so this caught my eye.  I'm sure the response rate on these types of forms is usually single digit percentage, so I'm really curious if this type of thing is improving the rate and quality of feedback.


Bicycle Face and resistance to technology


We think people are resistance to new technology now...

Turns out this isn't new at all. 

Even something as purely mechanical as the bicycle can create societal panic.


I listened to the book Die With Zero this month and wanted to share a few thoughts...  Like any book, it could've been shorter, but there were some nuggets.

  • Spend now on experiences that you won't be able to do later. I for one will be making much more of an effort to ski every single year. 

  • There's an interesting concept call memory dividends. The more times you recall and enjoy the memories of an experience you had, the more dividends you receive on it. The idea is that the more time you have to collect dividends, the more valuable (in the longer term) the experience.

  • Don't wait until you die to gift money to those who would otherwise inherit what you have.  They need it more now than they will then.

See ya next month!