Hey there,

Sending this one out a day early, as I'm about to head off on a desert island survival adventure for 10 days off the coast of Panama. Nothing like Alone or Naked and Afraid, but more skill acquisition + nature connection + a bit of hardship. Probably more on that next month...


Thought this was a really cool piece of wall art that was simple. It's just colored cord/wire strung between wooden frames. Thinking about trying to recreate in our Lisbon place.


100% agree with this. I've been trying to get much better at not saying "I don't have time" and replacing it with "It's not a priority".


My memory isn't what it used to be 10 years ago. So the past two years or so I've been trying to be better at capturing notes. Part of that is via voice.

I was using an app called Athena Delegation to record quick voice notes and email me the transcription, but have just switched to this Oasis app and wanted to share.

This tool has pivoted a number of times, but it finally fit my voice note use case.

It doesn't automatically send the recordings anywhere, but it does a cool thing, which is to use AI to put the transcription into different 'contexts'.

If you're interested in this kind of thing, I'd try it out just for fun.

I've also been pondering building my own super simple voice note capture app, as nothing has been exactly what I'm looking for.

See ya next month!