Life update: I got married last weekend near Playa del Carmen in Mexico and had an absolutely fantastic time with a group of family and friends. (photo below)



I like the analogy of the Apple Vision Pro to the v1 iPad. No one knew exactly what the iPad was going to be good for at first.

iPads are used a ton in businesses and field work, and then where I see the most from a consumer side is on airplanes. Seems like APV might end up being the same!


Service and Hospitality

I’ve just started reading the book Unreasonable Hospitality, and it has me thinking a lot about service and hospitality.

The author says “Service is black and white. Hospitality is color.”

Once I started thinking about this more and more, I can’t help but determine whether what I’m interacting with is black and white, or if it has color.

Hospitality is ultimately people, but what if people could be augmented with data to make hospitality more accessible?

Like why doesn’t United know that I always ask for sparkling water with ice?

That’s one question, properly noted in a database. Then anyone in a customer facing role has the opportunity to add ‘color’ to my flying experience.

I guess what I’m saying is, isn’t it everyone’s dream to have someone ask them if they want ‘the usual’ without it being the neighborhood watering hole.

It’s not limited to traditional hospitality industries either. There’s an incredible opportunity in almost every industry to simply add a bit of color to transform the feeling someone has interacting with a company’s product.

I’ll be on honeymoon for 2 weeks starting next week, just looking for that injection of color…

See ya next month!