After a lot of travel, we're mostly back in Lisbon for the summer... If you're heading over this way, lmk and we'll connect!


Ever wondered why British pubs have pictures and very unique names like The Red Lion, the White Horse, or in this case, the Geese and Fountain?

I finally looked it up... Since a lot of pubs are centuries old, most people back then were illiterate. So pubs needed photos to depict the name of the establishments. It all makes sense now!


I really like this way of structuring conversations. It helps the listener understand the context through which they should be listening.


This last month I did this desert island survival adventure. Definitely an awesome experience with a sprinkle of hardship, which made it even more rewarding.

When people ask about it, I describe it as a few different trips wrapped into one. The main ones for me were:

Digital detox - no cell phone or outside communication for 8 days. It's funny how after 8 days, even a phone feels a bit weird in your hand.

Spearfishing adventure - First time doing this, and it was very addicting. Especially at the end during the survival phases when if you don't get fish, you don't eat. It was also the first time I've gone from catch fish to eat fish in about 2 hours. I'll be receiving memory dividends on that one (see Die with Zero) for quite a while.

Skill acquisition - We learned things like fire making, coconut cracking, and rope making.

I think more than anything it took me back to being a kid, where it was fun to play in the outdoors and make things for the sake of it, not productivity or money.

Check it out if you want here: https://www.desertislandsurvival.com

Till next month, -TG