Well April sure went by quickly!


Living abroad has its challenges, but my new philosophy is that you have to make up for the challenges by taking advantage of the opportunities it affords.One opportunity here in Portugal I've found is tracking down wine makers and distributors to order from them directly. Just a little bit of work messaging the right people on Instagram can have great outcomes!


Great little snippet on culture.

"Culture is the sum of all the wanted behaviors that you celebrate minus all the unwanted behaviors that you tolerate."


I recently read "The Status Game" and this part really resonated with me.

"Competing with the young in games of youth is not just hopeless, it’s dull. The trick is to find new and better games. There are different worlds to explore, in the second half of life, most more meaningful than those of the first."I'm really curious which second half games are worth exploring... and open to suggestions.

See ya next month!