Grilled Oysters, Two Napkins, and L&R Socks


Let’s get right to it.


A few weeks ago we bought about 20 oysters and grilled a dozen of them.

This was the first time I was solely responsible for shucking 20 oysters.

There’s something that’s a bit hard to describe about it. Each one is it’s own little mini challenge. Some come easy. Some are a pain in the ass. But with each prying release, there’s an acute sense of satisfaction and feeling of manliness.

Luckily, some of Olivia’s family had gifted us a whole kit including gloves and a shucking knife, so I didn’t stab myself which 100% would have happened otherwise.


I’m subbing out the clip for an idea this month. If you preferred the clip, lmk.

They should give two napkins at restaurants 🤯

The way I see it, napkins are dual purpose.

One, to keep your clothes from getting food on them.

Two, to wipe your mouth.

The problem. Let’s say I’m eating some focaccia and dipping it in olive oil. After a bite, I might need to wipe some oil from my mouth and then I’m going to put that napkin right back on my lap.

Now I know maybe I could consciously only use one side and ensure it never switches, but that’s a bit of work…

Why not just have two napkins?

If a restaurant ever had two large napkins on the table, I’d be giving that establishment 5 stars no matter how good the food.


The ridiculousness of left and right socks

Somehow I ended up with a lot of socks that have L’s & R’s on them.

It’s not like it was advertised as a feature “Now includes L & R indicators” and I was like, “gimme gimme”. It just happened.

A quick scour of the Is This BS subreddit reports both BS as well as a legitimate reason. On the side of BS, it might be better to put them on the same feet each time for consistent stretching of the material. On the legit side, apparently there might be more cushion in certain areas dependent on the side.

I, personally, now regret ever having purchased a pair of socks that have L & R.

2 main reasons:

  1. Matching out of the dryer. With multiple socks of the same type, I find myself burning valuable seconds of life searching L, R, L, R…

  2. Matching to my feet. I hate this. Especially after they’ve been washed a number of times, the tiny little L and R become almost illegible.

You would think that if they have the audacity to tell me which feet to put each sock on, they’d at least have the decency to use the font size my dad uses on his iPhone.

Or, here’s a novel idea, add more “L”s and “R”s.

et voilà, Solution 1

et voilà, Solution 2

None of these solutions fix the fact that you still have to pair them out of the dryer, but at least it solves the other problem.

You say, Troy, just disregard the L and R. And that’s a great idea, but how can anyone go about their day wondering if they’ve put the “wrong” socks their feet.

See ya next month!