Niçoise, Reviewing Houseplans, Robotification



French Cooking

Olivia and I did a fun cooking class in Nice. It’s called Les Petits Farcis, named after a popular stuffed vegetable dish from Nice.

If you’re familiar with the term Niçoise, from the salad, the term is used for someone from or something related to Nice. Much sexier sounding than Arkansan.

Making Pissaladière, caramelized onion tart with anchovies and olives.


Reviewing Blueprints for fun (and profit?)

Since I was a kid, I enjoyed drawing and looking at house plans.

Imagining the space, the experience of being in the space, the number of steps it would take to put a plate up from the dishwasher… see, that last bit is something I think about. It’s the “where does this go?” question.

A friend who is building their dream home recently sent me the plans, I absolutely loved reviewing them.

It got me thinking about a simple website where people could upload plans and I/maybe others could review them. This might exist, and there is definitely a houseplan subReddit, but I think it would be fun.

I think I could find 5 things to alter for any given set of house plans.

I’ve added this to my list of ‘later ideas’, but if you are by chance designing a home or space, feel free to send me your house plans!


The Robotification of Everything

I recently got to see Elon Musk talking about how we’ll all have a Optimus robot in our homes on the near horizon, and it got me thinking about the implications of a world where we have personal robots at home.

One of the implications might be the ‘robotification’ of stuff.

Just as devices became mechanized, electrified, wifi-enabled… I think there’s a pretty good chance that the design of a lot of things will go through another iteration that makes them more easily manipulated by robots.

This could be a combination of physical changes, as well as further wifi-enabled enhancements.

Here’s an example… the humble trashcan.

Something that probably sits in your kitchen and has a step lever to open, or is part of your kitchen cabinets.
In either case, it hasn’t gotten much use from electricity and internet compatibility.

So Bob, that’s our family robot’s name, has been given the task of taking out the trash.

This might be an automatic process. Bob checks the trash level periodically and can see when it’s near the top. Or it might also be manual. “Bob, take out the trash please.”

The hard part.. those little pull strings. Does Bob have enough dexterity to snag those two string hooks to pull and close the bag? Or does the trash bag, and can for that matter, need to be redesigned to be Bob accessible? They for damn sure do if the trash needs to be taken out and I’ve got Bob!

Do products of the future have labels, works with XYZ robot?

That’s enough… but hopefully you get my point. All of this stuff is far far away, until it isn’t.

See ya next month!