Hope everything is great in your world! Just going straight in this month….


Telling you now… Ciders are the next hard kombucha. Not those sweet ones like Angry Orchard or Woodchuck or Somersby…. I’m talking really dry ones with just a couple of grams of sugar.
We found this great one in Lisbon at a restaurant the other day.
If you’re in the US, Graft and Shacksbury make great ones.


I like this concept, Scrap Time. I’m bad about this too… I usually get annoyed having to wait on traffic lights or in any kind of queue, but I’m going to try to use this ‘scrap time’ to my advantage in the future.


A little rant this month.
It always blows my mind when you can tell some things have been given so much attention, but then other things have been completely ignored.

We're at a hotel in London this week. Staying at the Hoxton Southwark, which is not cheap and meant to be quite nice, but there is no electrical outlet in the bathroom. Ok, surely there’s one near the hallway... Well, it’s blocked by the mirror. Does the front desk have extension cords… Nope. And then the cord to the hair dryer is so short you have to to bend over to use it. It’s just things like that which blow my mind sometimes.

See ya next month!