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Alright, let’s go.


Who knew you could spend an hour at a typewriter exhibit...  But that's what I did last month in Scotland in between scotch tastings.

There were a ton of typewriters on display, but I thought this one, which I had never seen before, was particularly awesome because it was super easy to change the fonts or language.

MIGNON index typewriter

I highly reco watching 20 seconds of this video to see how it worked. 🤯


Check Your Nutrition Facts


A study tested people's ability to regulate glucose with sugar alternatives and found that while none of these raise blood sugar, some impacted the body's ability to regulate blood sugar.  

Saccharin and Sucralose = BAD

Aspartame and Stevia = NOT BAD (from what this study measured)

I'm interested to see future studies on Monkfruit and Allulose! 

In the meantime, that lone gatorade zero in the fridge is getting tossed...


"I want a boat that drinks 8, feeds 6, and sleeps 4."

I heard that from a buddy's dad the other week and really loved that way of describing the specs through experience.

When you hear that, you think about what people are doing. Not the length of the boat, the number of seats, or number or size of beds... 

It reminds me of the benefit vs feature business concept.

See ya next month!