Just returned back from Spain and tested positive for Covid… Round 2! If you’ve had it twice, was it as bad the second time?


Travel hack #149.

We like to check out natural wine shops when we travel, but usually don’t finish an entire bottle in one night. The problem is that most hotel mini-fridges don’t leave a ton of space to hold a bottle upright. These travel wine stoppers are fantastic and work with every wine bottle size we’ve encountered, even champagne. No more trying to plug the cork back into the bottle and hope it stays in while the wine is sideways in the fridge…


I like this take on how Balenciaga viewed Christian Dior in the ‘50s. Dior was popularizing Parisian fashion and instead of trash talking, Balenciaga viewed it more as a ‘rising tides’ situation, filling up the top of the customer funnel for him.


Do activities have a peak age?

Two things have me thinking about this. One, like it or not, I’m inching towards 40. Two, we just participated in the Tomatina Festival (AKA the world’s largest food fight) in Bunol, Spain.

Re: Tomatina. A super early wake up, first beer at 9:15am, and a shotgun start at noon. Basically an hour of all out food fight.
Doable in one’s 30’s, yes. Did we go to the ‘after party’ that started at 10pm and went until 5am? No. If I had been 23? Of course.
We went specifically for the tomato fight, which was even more enjoyable than expected, but I wonder if the handful of 60 year olds enjoyed the chaos quite as much. Same for the select sub-15 year olds.

Anyway, it just had me thinking about experiences that should be had earlier in life rather than later.
Not saying you can’t do things later, but there is definitely a distribution curve somewhere of age/overall enjoyment.
One factor alone is physicality. People, usually* , are just more nimble and physically resilient when younger.

Another example is that I’m saving cruises for later. Right choice or wrong? Time will tell.

Hostels. Glad I did those in my 20s. Who wants to share a bunk room with eighteen people in their 30s?

I know that a lot of these things are opportunities of privilege… Not everyone has the chance to do things when they want, so I do think better late than never applies. Just saying “if” there is a choice, there are things to consider.

It almost feels like the ‘bucket list’ should be divvied up into different buckets.

Would make for a good coffee table book series…

And if you googled the above, I did, too. The results are about as generic as they come. A “why this age” section would definitely be included in the book…

See ya next month!